considered harmful

Hello and welcome to the website for CONSIDERED HARMFUL, a zine about hacking and related discliplines.

Look around you! View your surroundings and search closely for secrets hidden by your lens of mundanity! Scan for unlocked doors; for rooftops or staircases which are just within your reach; for fences curled over by weather and wear; or for a traffic light with an exposed serial cable, if you are so lucky. You can do this not just with your physical surroundings, but with the virtual as well. Search for suspicious endpoints or odd forwarded ports; for XSS exploits in GET params or data sent in plaintext. The world is out there, just waiting to be explored, and who better than you to explore it! Here, you will find some resources and papers regarding security and hacking. Written 100% from scratch, with healthy doses of our Special Secret Ingredient (it's love <3), we present to you only the finest in hacking content. We particularly enjoyed writing the research articles, but in terms of content we won't play favorites :-). Good luck and happy hacking!!

- considered harmful


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