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"roof sprite" - Skye B

Rocks scattered under the tires of my bike as I pedaled down the long dirt road. I'd been riding for a number of minutes now, away from my house in a random direction. I had no real plan other than to escape my house for a while, the threat of hours of homework and the noise from house life which overwhelmed my brain so quickly perceived as gone now that I had left physically.

"freedom" - Jai B

The rain poured down with the faint sound of thunder in the distance. My teammates complained, “This place sucks. We're stuck here in the pool with no outdoor practice. This is so bland! There's nothing interesting inside.” But I paid no attention to her.

"proactive security" - Skye B

For decades, computer scientists have developed a myriad of ways to solve an ever-present issue in computing: memory safety. On the lowest level, there are few safeguards in place to ensure secure access to memory. If the circumstances are right, simple memory errors can have some surprising results.