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"considered harmful" is a group of aspiring hackers who wish to spread information and help people get started with hacking (both in the cyber-security and the urban exploration sense of the word). We wish to introduce these topics in a way that is easy for beginners to get into and focuses on doing so just to have fun and explore. Hacking is an extremely fun, mentally stimulating, and personally fulfilling activity for us, and we want to share whatever we can to introduce these topics to people like us in a safe and comfortable way

about us


Hello, I'm Skye. I've been programming seriously since the 7th grade in 2017, when I learned javascript from khan academy. Since then, I've moved away from web programming and into systems using C, Rust, Haskell, and others. Security has always interested me, especially cryptography and malware; I remember one of my first complete projects was an encryption program for AES256 called "paranoid files". I have a relatively long history of contributing to or creating free and open source software (since 2017!), which I publish on Gitlab under my moniker "monarrk". Very little of what I've made so far could be considered security related, but I am learning more and more about it and I've begun experimenting with tools related to networking on the low level, as well as with bare-metal/embedded/kernel projects that make heavy use of assembler language and other skills needed to properly understand how to secure systems. At the end of the day, I believe locks were made to be broken, and I intend to share the ways to break them in a way that is ethical, safe, and fun to do.


I’m Jai. One Thing that has been an interest and passion of mine these past few years is physical hacking/urban exploration. I got into it while going through a difficult period where I was having trouble finding myself, and also trying to explore the vast world I live in but finding it hard to do so because of the confinements of society and school. Since then, it has been a creative outlet for me as it allows me to disconnect with society and then reconnect with myself!
I have found that urban exploration has helped me find my passions and explore my creativity by being able to go out and discover the world outside of the walls we are confined in. For so long I had felt trapped in a world that was made up of patterns, repetition, and rules, but hacking has allowed me to break that cycle for myself and feel free and moreso, to explore and define freedom for myself, not how someone else tells me to. I’ve come to realize that despite our earth now being covered by human structures and the beauty of nature is less prevalent, there is actually lots of beauty in man-made structures from abandoned buildings with graffiti art to even schools. I will continue to use hacking as a way to find myself and explore the earth we live in, which is such a beautiful place with so much to offer. I hope to lead others to this same belief as well through my zine.